The Economic Summit

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12 april 2018 - 13 april 2018

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he Economics of Mutuality. Making Business and Government Mutual.

The Hague and Amsterdam, 12 – 13 April 2018

The Economic Summit exists to promote the dissemination and implementation of new paradigms on finance and economy based on Christian tradition, faith and thought, and transformational businesses generating four-fold capital (human, social, natural and profit) as new models for poverty alleviation and sustainable economies. Sustainable economies do not exist in isolation, but have everything to do with the social, political and spiritual structures in which they are embedded. Our focus therefore also includes the factors that lead to sustainable development.

From our very first meeting in 2014, the Economics of Mutuality (EoM), a concept pioneered by Dr. Bruno Roche, senior Economist at Mars Inc. and the Managing Director of the Mars Catalyst Think Tank, has played a key role in Economic Summit events. During the past few months, this idea has also been presented at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Committee meeting as well as at the World Economic Summit and UN General Assembly meetings in New York. It is clear that this is an idea whose time has come!

In our Economic Summit Europe meeting, 12-13 April 2018 we will focus on the practical applications of EoM in business and management practice as well as in government and public policy. Our aim during this meeting will be:

  1. To demonstrate that this is a concept that works in both emerging and first world nations.
  2. To get broad buy-in from the business, political and academic communities in The Netherlands and Europe.
  3. To start to develop best practices for the implementation of EoM and the concept of Mutuality in The Netherlands. To this aim, we will set up a National Centre for knowledge and best practices that will be able to lease with hubs in different cities nationally.

The organising partners for this meeting are the Economic Summit, Sallux, GIDS Network Netherlands and the Christen Unie. Attendance at this meeting is by invitation only.

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